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Top 10 Twitch Streamer

Zum Zeitpunkt der Erhebung hatte der Kanal "Ninja" mit rund 14,68 Millionen die meisten Follower bei Twitch. Diese Liste der meistgefolgten deutschen Twitch-Kanäle führt die 25 deutschen Kanäle mit den 10, GTimeTV, , GTimeTV. 11, HandlOflBlood, 0. Dass man auf Twitch als großer Streamer Unsummen verdienen kann, ist kein Geheimnis. Hier sehen Sie die Top 10 der Bestverdiener auf.

Twitch: Die erfolgreichsten Streamer der Welt – Top 10 im Juli 2020

Diese Liste der meistgefolgten deutschen Twitch-Kanäle führt die 25 deutschen Kanäle mit den 10, GTimeTV, , GTimeTV. 11, HandlOflBlood, 0. Viele Streamer leben von ihrem Einkommen auf Twitch. Doch wie viel verdienen sie wirklich? Hier finden Sie die Top 10 der bestverdienenden. Zum Zeitpunkt der Erhebung hatte der Kanal "Ninja" mit rund 14,68 Millionen die meisten Follower bei Twitch.

Top 10 Twitch Streamer The Best PS4 Games to Stream on Twitch You Can't Miss Video

Top 10 BANNED Twitch Streamers Who Went Way Too Far

Top 10 Twitch Streamer Top 10 Twitch Streamers of According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the top streamers of are composed of people who grew in total followings, channel views, and watch hours on Twitch's. Top 50 Twitch Users Top Twitch Users Top Twitch Users Top Twitch Users Top Twitch Users Top Twitch Users Hello, visitor! Please consider adding to your adblock whitelist. The Most Watched Twitch Streamers, December Ranked by the total viewership hours (hours live x average viewers) in the last 30 days. The Most Popular Twitch Streamers, December Ranked by the average concurrent viewers while live over the past 15 streams. Last updated Mon, Dec 7 at LIRIK (also known as the Bean Bandit) is a Twitch streamer and PC gamer. He has a presence across all of the main social channels and has streamed on Twitch since He started streaming regularly a year later when DayZ was released. He plays a variety of games, including H1Z1, Arma 3, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, and Fortnite. 9/15/ · Kaceytron | Top Twitch Streamer With just over K followers, Kaceytron is a top 10 Twitch female streamer and has her own TV show as well! On Twitch, she’s got over K active subscribers and 34M views. On YouTube, you can catch up with her . 9/17/ · He began streaming back on in before moving to Twitch. Earlier this month he gained the achievement of being the first ever Twitch streamer to amass over 10 million followers and has an average of 50, viewers per stream. Ninja also has a YouTube channel which boasts over 17 million subscribers. 19 MythAuthor: Helen Ashcroft. KittyPlays, also known as Kristen, is a year-old streamer from British Columbia. She has , followers and is one of the top Twitch streamers. Wer sind die erfolgreichsten Streamer weltweit auf Twitch? Wir haben die Top 10 der größten Streamer nach Abonnenten (Subscriber) in der. GRONKH. Partner. DE. Variety. Seen 10 days ago. 1,, followers. #6 GTimeTV. Partner. DE. Minecraft. Seen 11 hours ago. , followers. # Heelmike, 5,03 Mio. Kanal-Link. TheGrefg, 5,03 Mio. Diese Liste der meistgefolgten deutschen Twitch-Kanäle führt die 25 deutschen Kanäle mit den 10, GTimeTV, , GTimeTV. 11, HandlOflBlood, 0.

Schnappen Sie sich einen Einzahlungsbonus, WГјrfel Trinkspiel Sie eine Einzahlung Top 10 Twitch Streamer. - The Most Followed Deutsch Twitch Streamers, December 2020

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With the cherry on top, the game also features a ton of unlockable and downloadable characters. The FIFA series is by far one of the most popular sports-game titles throughout the world.

With over more than 27 million watch hours, it holds a great position and respect within the Twitch community. So, if you are accustomed to playing FIFA, this is just the right game for you to stream.

You will be able to find the audience for the game in no time. One would be surprised to know how Fortnite has become one of the most streamed games on Twitch even beating the likes of Counter-Strike GO and Leagues of Legends.

Fortnite is basically a Battle Royale where the last man standing takes wins the game. A game released back in , Fortnite consists of different game modes for everyone to enjoy.

That being said, it can surely give new streams a hard time penetrating through the audience, but once get everything right, you are good to go.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the beloved games for all the streams around the world. Released back in , the game has a very simple layout and ideology.

The two teams shall be competing with one another, as terrorists and counter-terrorist groups. With eight different models to play around, the game has enduring popularity.

That means you can certainly find audiences for the same. What if you wish to record the streaming video?

Well, before you get baffled, we have a solution for you. Take the help of the most efficient streaming recorder which is Filmora Video Editor.

Having a high success rate, this brings you the best experience ever and works perfectly. If you are also interested in how to record a game live stream or trim your game video , you can click these links we listed for you.

Female streamers have to work and play hard to get seen in an ocean of male counterparts on Twitch. You also might enjoy this blog: Top 20 Twitch Streamers in Many thanks to some of the online resources that contributed to this blog including Twitch.

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Change language English. Categories bits Twitch buy Twitch followers Channel Growth follow on Twitch Follower on Twitch Followers free Twitch bots free twitch followers free twitch followers get twitch followers for free Homepage for Twitch followers How many streamers on Twitch how many youtube subscribers does Tfue have?

English Deutsche Polskie. Follow Follow Follow. Pokimani has got over 4. Poki is a Canadian video gamer popular around the world.

She made it big time on Twitch and is represented by one of the largest talent agencies in the world, United Talent Agency.

Full time all in. Timothy mostly plays World of Warcraft , Overwatch and Counter-Strike among others and his videos garner nearly 28, viewers per week.

With 44K active subscribers he is currently ranking 2 of all gamers with subscriptions and has close to 20K paid subscribers all tiers.

Follow these 5 steps to grow your stream starting today! On YouTube, Tim has close to 2. He is a full-time streamer with a dedicated subscriber base which brings him a lot of money at the end of the month.

Auronplay is a top streamer with 5. His YouTube videos receive 10M to 20M views each. On Twitch, he has 49M views and 62K viewers at any given time.

Summit1G net worth continues to climb. Join a community of over 80, streamers that help each other grow. With sponsorships from Monster Energy, Discord and Corsair among others, summit1g boasts of a weekly viewership of around 28, Owing to his increasing popularity among Twitch users his income is only set to soar in the coming years.

The Grefg is a top Twitch streamer with 5M followers and more than 6, kills and a YouTube base of She does not only enjoy gaming but also engaging her viewers.

She remains candid with her comments even when responding to the bluntest of questions. DizzyKitten is one of the few streamers with over half a million subscribers.

Her real name is Brandi. She also rewards her loyal fans with giveaways daily. The Korean gamer and Twitch streamer Becca is probably one of the most learned as well.

She has a Sociology Degree from Boston College. She has a quarter of a million subscribers who enjoy her highly animated streams.

She also spends time chatting with fans, something that has scored her a huge mark in the gaming communities. The gaming guru and vlogger has a fan-base of about , subscribers.

She is a science geek, and that is how she was able to derive her name from the equation of the Schwarzschild radius. She is a member of the Dapper Crew on Twitch.

She devotes most of her time interacting with followers by commenting on games and engaging with them in the chat rooms. Over time, Twitch has evolved to be the go-to place for gaming fanatics.

The top female Twitch streamers in have been able to use the platform to share their live streams and interact with their followers. Gamers have also been able to connect through Twitch to exchange ideas and share their stories.

The sport is not only popular in America but also across the world. Clubs have to develop new strategies to make more money. NBA stars expect to earn millions of dollars each season.

Ticket sales alone cannot sustain basketball as a sport in this era. As a result, clubs also rely on television rights and merchandising to collect more revenue.

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See all you have always wanted to know here!

CallofDuty ModernWarfare Warzone. China says Twitter hacked after Trump retweet. She is sporadic, unlike most other streamers who have a fixed schedule for streaming. She spends between hours on the Berburu Serigala per week. Some of the awards include the National Champion in Dead or Alive 4 and holding a Guinness World Record for being the highest-earning female gamer. Gladys Mokeira Obiero. When he returned to Twitch from Mixerwatched his coming-back-home to Twitch Casino Freak Australia. So, in turn, here Juventus Gegen Inter our list with some of the best games that you can get your hands on. Follow Follow Follow. ChloeLock is considered to be among the rising Twitch stars. Pokimani has got over 4. Rumay Wang at the game stage computer. The sport is not only popular in America but also across the world.
Top 10 Twitch Streamer Ihre Daten visualisiert Details zur Statistik. Weitere Inhalte: Das könnte Sie auch interessieren. Exklusive Premium-Funktionalität. Released in Januarythe game brings forth not only just some revamped graphics but intuitive gameplay. The 10 Richest Twitch Streamers. Aug 2, Neither less to say, all these games are very easy to understand and have Casino Spiele Namen built-in audience.


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